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Goku   joined Trigger Happy Gamerz
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[THG] XomzI kinda love you guys.... <3
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infamous_katt {THG} tag  we love you too! :))
Reaper @ {THG} tag  I am afraid of those who tell me They Love me , But Thank you for your opinion :)
Reaper @ {THG} tagthere are 2 promod servers on for now here is the IP : [link] and [link]
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[THG] Xomz   joined Trigger Happy Gamerz
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Reaper @ {THG} tagI am going to make THG even Better then it ever was !!!!
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infamous_katt {THG} tag  ily!!!! <3 <3 <3
Reaper @ {THG} tag  R U with me ???
[THG] Xomz   Yahh!!! :d
Reaper @ {THG} tagI seen something , you guys joined another clan , I may Ban U now
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Erick_Avila   I registered to check it out, but haven't tried to join since they only had 1 server running & it required a password, and another server that wasn't working.
Reaper @ {THG} tag  well then , I wonder Y wood they invite you to a Broken server ???
Chiz   created a new thread Reaper in the General Discussion forum
Erick_AvilaToo......much...feels :(

THG will not be forgotten.
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DeMonDoS   It will never!
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Donations Appreciated

We R coming Back , and it wont be the same , it will be Much Better :)
May THG will come back anytime..I'll keep this site! Never forget you! Thanks and best wishes to everyone!
hey cookii wb and mmmmhhhmmm what a bummer huh
well.. so I would say I'm back but mhm.. no ones here...
good night everyone
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