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KranionIf some of you THG guys are looking for a new clan to join, Aim 2 Kill is more than happy to have you guys join. We have a pub server but it still needs some improvement. Apply at [link] if you guys are looking for a new home!
{THG}DeMonDoSGood bye all nice to to know ya'll, it was an honor to be in THG. Good luck to every one as well. I hope that your life reaper gets better without this THG off your back. I had so much fun THX to you all!.
-Sincerely DeMonDoS
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DarkFriarWell, I am shocked. I thought that THG would go on and on. Goodbye THG, it was fun.
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infamous_katt {THG} tag  agreed
infamous_katt {THG} tag  but things can change in a flip of a switch
{THG}CoOKkiiWas a nice time. Good luck everyone. It was nice to know all of you! I'll never forget anyone of you
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infamous_katt {THG} tag  You too!
{THG}DeMonDoS   GL m8
Reaper @ {THG} tagI will miss everyone , and I will never forget U
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{THG}CoOKkii   Good Luck. We will miss you
{THG}MeatBall   same too you my man :(
{THG}DeMonDoS   Good luck in life, i hope things get better for you :)
[THG]Brudygoodbye all
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infamous_katt {THG} tag  byeee(:
{THG}DeMonDoS   BYE C:
infamous_katt {THG} tagNice knowing you all :) hope the best in life for all of you! <3
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{THG}MeatBall   you too katt!
{THG}DeMonDoS   THX. Same to you.
Reaper @ {THG} tag  U made me Laugh , I hope you have everything you want in Life
{THG}MeatBallI guess we are done here..?
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{THG}MeatBall   If u are, everything is. :/
{THG}MeatBall   It was nice to know all of you
{THG}CoOKkii   was a nice time. Good bye man
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Thank you cookkii , I will always remember U
May THG will come back anytime..I'll keep this site! Never forget you! Thanks and best wishes to everyone!
cookii...you need to learn to stop complaining...
hey cookii wb and mmmmhhhmmm what a bummer huh
well.. so I would say I'm back but mhm.. no ones here...
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